Monday, November 16, 2009

Loot Pinatas and Face-rolls: They come in twos, (Sometimes threes)

After a week of vacation, a week of latent work piling on my desk and someone in the IC calling me 'slacker', I thought I add a Shopper ET update.

Progression fun has been going smooth and steady. Recently ET added two ToC10 groups (Wed & Sunday) to the progression rotations. Supported and run by two die-hard raiders: Judeca and Supplement - good work guys. The loot has been exploding like candy. Yes, I said candy. (I have not had pinata dreams in a while.) Our two teams are moving through ToC10 with time to spare for an Ony10 and OS10 (3 drakes up) for the mount and title. HOO-RAH! And while I have not gotten one, this means 2 shiny drakes are being handed out each week.