About the Elder Tribunal


The Elder Tribunal was created on March 18th, 2000 in EverQuest on the Innoruuk server, and quickly absorbed several other guilds, including the Crusaders of Ilk, Heroes of Legend, Citadel of Fear, and The Eternal Flame.

All of these early mergers caused strife and confusion, though, and after a year ET decided to change how recruiting was done to weed out bad applicants and add stability to the guild. This lead to steady, stable growth and over the years ET progressed through Velious content (Halls of Testing, North Temple of Veeshan, Avatar of War), Luclin (Itraer Vius, Shei Vinitras, Doomshade, Rumblecrush), and the Planes of Power (Mithaniel Marr, Rallos Zek, Bertoxxulous, Rydda'Dar, Solusek Ro to name a very few). By the time we were done in EQ, we had become fully flagged for the Elemental Planes.

While a few of us still remain in EQ, the vast majority left EQ with the release of WoW and EQ2.

World of Warcraft
Many of the folks that left EverQuest in the fall of 2004 came over to WoW. We restarted the guild here, and many of the regulars can still be found here on Bloodhoof. We spent the majority of 2005 gearing up and learning the game, and in the fall we re-formalized the guild with high-end raiding being the goal.
We've been working on Zul'Gurub, and recently we've started doing Molten Core with the help of some friends. We're looking to grow so we can field an entire forty person raid ourselves, but we're not interested in growing so fast that it alienates the members. As always, steady growth. [outdated, update me!]


We are run by a team of officers, our Inner Circle, that each provide a functional role in the guild. From handling communications and the website to planning raids and working with recruits, they all come together to make sure the day-to-day maintenance of the guild is done.

We take great pride in the quality of our members. We go to great strides to make sure that only mature, responsible, team-oriented adults become members. We like to have fun, but we really don't like drama and strife. That's not to say it never happens, but most folks are pleasantly surprised at how rare a bad attitude is in ET.

While we were certainly never "uber", we have always been able to progress through the game's content while still being able to call ourselves "casual" players. Many of us are married with children, so long hours and many days of playing simply aren't an option. We seek a balance between high end raiding and keeping our families happy.

If ET sounds like someplace you'd like to call home, please click the "Join" link to the left to find more information.