Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ulduar deaths.

With spring blooming in full force we took a 3 week hiatus from 25-man raiding. As the Elders washed away the cold and grim from a dank and chilly winter, we entered Ulduar full of renewed vigor and force. Entering into Ulduar we see that we are not the first to set foot inside it's massive halls,Brann Bronzebeard and Explorer's League have already set up camp. Needing our help to traverse the Formation Grounds we quickly take control of the mighty vehicles and head for Mimiron's construction "Flame Leviathan". Having under estimated the power of the Elders we quickly make work of this deadly machine.

Moving forward past the the great door we enter into a hall that was build for the massive Titans. Taking a moment to catch our breaths in the wonders to await us we move forward until we come to a group of the Explores trying to take down the once mighty mount of Thorim, Veanus. This great drake captured and corrupted by Ignis himself is now just a former shell of herself and simply known as Razorscale. Working along side of the Explores we quickly work at getting her grounded so that we may relieve her of this torment.

Moving further down the hall toward the enter most parts of Ulduar. We run into another of Mimiron's construction, XT-002 Deconstructor. Knowning that this machine guards the door to the great riches that await us further on, we slowy move in to remove the threat. Upon first enganging this thing, we are all stuned in shock as we come to relized that "it" believes that it is alive and a simple boy and that we are it's new "toys". The Elders quickly shake off the intial surprise and break into formation. The "boy" does not last long.

Over come with exhaustion, lack of supplies and wounds that needed further treatment, we decided to stop our advancment into Ulduar. We leave with a feeling of elation knowing that the secrets of Ulduar will not be secrets for much longer and that Yogg-Saron rain will soon end.