Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Attack of the Killer Turkeys

With the release of patch 2.3, Elder Tribunal is forging ahead on all fronts: farming Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, some Tempest Keep. (Gratz on your Bloodmaw Magus Blade, Vaug!) We're actively working on Serpent Shrine Caverns, Zul'Aman on the raid front. We are fielding a few arena teams, that are also doing well. We've got hardcore PVPers and softcore PVEers. Through it all, we're good people having fun. So sit for a spell, take a load off, and chat.

So far, the word on the street on the 2.3 patch is as follows: Zul'Aman - fun new content = yay, Ritual of Refreshment - group water tables = good, Fear Ward - (crickets)... we'll let you know after the priests buy it, heroic badges drop in raids = woot, and the AV changes don't appear to be as horrific as people feared. All in all, it looks like we'll have some fun times into the holiday season.

And finally, I would like to dispell the shroud of evil distrust surrounding the consumption of glorious gobblers. So it looks like we're cleared on consuming turkey, so set down your knife and fork, and be prepared to faceplant! (cue your favorite Thanksgiving music. Personally, I'm torn between Wednesday's Indian Thanksgiving, and They Might Be Giants)